Why Is Web-Based Travel Distribution a Mandate for B2B, B2C & Corporate Travel Companies?

Travel and tourism industry is one of the largest sectors, well-known for its widespread operations. Since the industry is getting more competitive day-by-day, each travel business is bound to adapt to the latest technologies in order to maintain its edge in the industry. That is why it is impossible for the travel agencies to imagine their existence without web-based travel distribution platform.

Online Travel Agency or OTA approach and robust travel distribution platform have been shaping the travel management companies across the world. B2B, B2C platforms, and corporate modules let the travel agencies satisfy the demands of their clients with the help of the travel distribution platform.

Travel distribution software is a system that permits the travel agents to book travel products or services online. B2B platforms can enable the travel services to make a reservation from the system. Top travel technologies build web-based travel distribution platform having some salient features, such as:

Pricing and Availability

Having access to the service list is not enough; your travel partners should have access to pricing as well. Each price list includes the price of the basic service along with the additional services- supplements, reduction, and discounts. When a service is designed to be availed through the addition of allotment, enabling the travel associates to book the service instantly. If there is no allotment, the travel associates can click on “Send Enquiry” option. If you are an administrator and you have the disabled booking for certain dates, associates, and customers, they will not be able to book or view the services.

Promotional Special Offers

With the help of a reliable travel distribution platform, you can view your promotional special offers in a system that enables your travel partners to use them. In this way, you will be able to generate demand and increase sales.

Different Pricing Levels

If you are one of those travel agents that prefer having different pricing level for different partners, you can define it in the back office. For instance, you are targeting three different markets in the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia; you would have the facility of adjusting the process by adding different pricing level to each market. The travel service providers will be able to get the price based on the market they are dealing with. In this way, the travel agents will be able to make the price predefined for them.  It is a great marketing tool that helps the travel b2agents increase, assist and reward their travel associations or partners.

Entering Reservation & Reservation Management

Travel booking interface is developed to ease the instant reservation process when the services or products are available and information about the services (price, special offers etc.) are being displayed. The overview of the accomplished booking can also be available. It indicates that the system will let the administration and travel agents track the booking status and manage them effectively.

Available Documents

Travel agents will be provided with all the relevant documents that enable them to provide their clients with the same documents. A well-supported system connects the tour operators and the tourist agents. When an agent is making a reservation, the provided document depends on the initiative taken by the agency and their travel partners or associations. When a request is sent, the next steps will follow automatically. When the booking process is completed, an invoice will be generated and sent automatically. This process can be made customized based on the requirements. Apart from these, the travel agents will get an overview of all the available documents to build and maintained to connect to the reservation system. This reservation system can be forwarded to be printed for the customers.

Reliable and Effective Travel Distribution Platform

No matter whether you own a B2B, B2C, or corporate module company, every online travel portal development company requires a reliable and effective travel distribution platform. Without a travel distribution channel, it is difficult for a travel portal to survive in this competitive industry. Before choosing on a particular platform, you should try to explore more about the platform. In this context, one thing should be remembered. There are many travel portal development company that can provide you with travel distribution platform. But, every company is not capable of providing quality services. So, you should hire only the best one for your project.

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