How to Make Search Engine Optimization of Your Travel Portal Most-Effective

How to Make Search Engine Optimization of Your Travel Portal Most-Effective?

These days, no industry can deny the dominance of digital marketing. The travel industry is no exception at all. The emerging search landscapes require new SEO tactics and multiple ways to integrate SEO with other relevant channels. In the year 2017, (2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook) travel industry gross booking crossed the milestone of $1.6 trillion across the globe. An increase in the non-brand searches is drawing the attention of the SEO experts. These non-brand searches are called “category searches” which provide immense opportunities for the SEO campaigns.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to optimize travel portal properly to secure a top rank in the search engines. But, first of all, it is important to understand the travel SEO.

A Clear Insight into Travel SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of gaining better visibility. But, only being found on Google is not enough, if you want to convert your visitors into potential customers, your SEO technique should be based on research, discussion, shared information, recommendations, and customer reviews. Google has identified four “micro-moments” to define four major opportunities for your travel agency. Every time, you need to come up with an SEO strategy that can improve the visibility of your travel portal.

How to Optimize Travel Portals in Search Engines

The process begins with keyword analysis. Most of the travel portals tend to select the generic keywords associated with the travel industry. But, there is another thing that should be considered. Competition is really high in the case of these keywords. It would be a wise decision to select the keywords having medium or low competition. You should also look for a long tail keyword. For instance, you can use “air tickets to London in July” instead of “air tickets” or “air tickets to London”.

Once the keyword research is done, you need to start working on meta-tag, meta-description, and selected keywords. These parameters will help the search engines to know more about your website and your business.

In the next step, you should come up with relevant and informative contents and optimize them properly. The contents should be placed with the right keyword density (almost 2.5%) to gain maximum visibility for your online travel booking system. Apart from these, you should place the image tags, H1 and H2 properly.

It is really important to identify the right target audience for your travel business. Next, you should try to garner information about your target audience. Draft a marketing strategy keeping in the mind the requirements of your target audience. Social media should also be used in the most effective and tricky way. Try to communicate with the potential customers and try to make them visit your blog and if you can impress them, ask them to write a few comments for you.

Don’t forget to include the most useful social media tools in your SEO strategy. You should use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in the most constructive way. Regularly post interesting and interactive visual contents in platforms like YouTube along with an organic description and right keywords.

Your content should provide the information exactly what your target audience is looking for. You can ask your customers to share their interesting stories as it will connect your brand to the customers in a more effective way. If you can build a community in this way, it will be an added benefit no doubt.

If your target audience is divided into multiple groups, then you should set different strategy for each group of customers. You can also plan a loyalty program for your existing customers and the one you are targeting.

Many travel agencies buy ad space in the major travel blogs and travel inventories. You can generate guest posts to establish your existence and importance in the travel industry.

Ensure Top Rank in the Search Engines

If you really want to see your travel portal on the top of the search engines, you should understand the entire journey from coming to your portal to becoming one of your potential customers. Selecting the right keywords for every step is of immense importance. To assure your portal’s top rank in the search engines, you should assign an expert SEO service.

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