Travel Business Through API XML Integration

How to Boost Your Travel Business through API XML Integration?

Is there any travel agency that does not know about API XML integration? In this digital era, it is not possible for any travel agency to survive without API XML integrated travel portal.  API acts as a “translator” that connects the travel agencies with their potential customers. API integration allows different compatible formats or programming languages. It helps an online travel portal to showcase the item data, choices, booking status in HTML and utilizes XML as a markup dialect in order to pass on the solicitations.

Before delving into the details, let’s try to explore more about XML.

All about XML

XML can be defined as a medium of writing messages and connecting to other devices. It is able to make interaction among multiple devices. You might be curious to know how the process goes on.  Let’s have a quick glimpse of the workflow:

Travelers search for the services they need, find your portal, and come to visit it. The portal generates an XML message to send it to the travel services like airline service providers, hotels, and other travel services. The purpose of this message is to ask for the search results as per the search made by the travelers.

After receiving such message, the service providers use an XML response system to offer the travel agency the best search results along with all the information in detail including price and availability etc.

The travelers book a service which they think is the most convenient one for them. Once the booking is made by the travelers, the portal again will send an XML message to the service providers with a list containing the details of the customers. When the services receive this message from your end, they reserve the requested service and send you booking confirmation along with booking details. XML integration centralizes the entire directory management, increases the number of the travel distribution channels, and cares about the personal savings.

All about Application Programming Interface

Now, let’s head towards our next discussion- Application Programming Interface or API. This is a series of web services that you can use through hypertext transfer protocol. It can help you execute a remote system in order to host a requested service. Once API integration is executed through XML connectivity, then this is called API XML integration. It offers a number of benefits, such as:

Benefits of API XML Integration

  • It develops and maintains travel inventories or directories
  • This API helps in branding and marketing-oriented initiatives by concealing the real information about the actual API providers.
  • It can integrate more than one API data into one single web-based system to provide the end users with a better inventory.
  • It is compatible with different platforms and therefore, it can allow a portal to customize the API as per the requirements only in a few minutes. As per several surveys, almost 38% people avoid engaging with a travel portal that offers boring and irrelevant content. So, when your travel platform is customized, you will be able to provide your travelers exactly what they like or require.
  • API XML integration is neither expensive nor time-consuming. It is a free open standard that you will be able to use at any time. Apart from this, the integration process is simple, easy, and quick.
  • With API XML, you can integrate any third party tool. You can use it to integrate GPS API, bus API, flight tracking API, tour API etc. It differs from other platforms as you can use it to integrate multiple APIs into one single point. It. Of course saves time, money, and resources.

API XML integration

API XML integration is the safest way of running an online travel agency without any hassle. You can market your portals by providing appealing offers in order to gain more leads. As you will be provided with the complete access to the main database, your customers would not be able to know vital information about the real provider. Moreover, the inventory or the directory is maintained while the customers’ data remain secure and safe.

Besides the benefits discussed above, API XML integration brings in a number of other benefits as well. It can provide ROI immediately. As it offers easy markup tools, you can deal with a centralized inventory system as well.

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