Galileo Amadeus GDS API Integration Travel Agency Benefits Comparative Study

Galileo & Amadeus GDS API Integration for Travel Agency Benefits A Comparative Study 2018

There are many types of GDS API among which Galileo GDS API integration and Amadeus GDS API integration are the most popular ones. Today’s blog is going to unveil a comparative study between these two demanding GDS API integration. Let’s try to find out salient features of GDS API integration which are common to the major GDSs like Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre GDS API Integration:

No one can deny the fact that information technology and travel industry have become inseparable nowadays. Paper airline tickets are now things of past. The revolutionary changes in electronic processing technologies have come up with GDS API integration.

  • Offers Connection Flexibility
  • Comes up with worldwide Inventory
  • Avails B2B and B2C achievable
  • Provides the purchase version of travel services
  • Offers better data integrity
  • Access to all travel portals
  • Avails agents with the best fare and commissions
  • Singled windowed interface integration
  • Avails easy connectivity along with content mapper
  • Effectively maintains the communication between the travel services and the agents
  • Introduces new distribution channels open to inventory

Galileo GDS API Integration

Galileo GDS API integration is one of the highly demanding global distribution systems across the world.  It has a remarkable contribution to the airline and hotel booking system. Simple XML structure and protocols have been used to reduce the cost sustained by hardware and telecommunication setups. It also reduces the cost of support and developmental costs by using Galileo GDS commands. Galileo is able to connect to the airline booking systems of the leading airline services. It also offers desktop solutions and XML services to connect with a single API.

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of GDS API integration


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Amadeus GDS API Integration

Amadeus API has been designed for those travel agencies in particular who are eager to develop their travel portal rather than using the other available solutions. With Amadeus, a travel agency can develop their own customized applications that linked to a stable and secure dialogue. Amadeus API is based on a simple infrastructure and it is easy to set up.

It only requires the support of industry-standard communication protocols. It can help the travel agencies to conquer a marketplace where they can reach the potential customers. It has been said that Amadeus offers the biggest GDS across the globe. It helps the travel agencies to compile several requirements of the travelers while it also controls the budget.

Key features of Amadeus GDS API integration:

  • Quick responsive system
  • Easy integration
  • Backwards compatibility with future API proxy versions
  • Fully scalable & reliable
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Stable interface
  • No need for screen parsing

Similarities & Differences between Galileo & Amadeus GDS API Integration

In both Galileo and Amadeus GDS setup, the main goal is to satisfy the demands of the modern travelers. In both of the cases, each trip planning is supposed to start with price searching flowed by the booking process and the actual issuance of tickets including all the essential complementary services, such as the change management, check-in deals, misc offerings etc. For any travel agency, selling flight and hotel tickets are the most important things in terms of benefits while the services need to survive this competitive market.

Now let’s come to the differences between Galileo GDS API integration and Amadeus GDS API integration. The main difference can be found in the ticket re-validation. Amadeus helps the online travel agencies to offer additional services such as local time airport orientation maps, weather reports, and metro maps. Galileo GDS API integration is a bit different and it uses only the last names of the airline passengers and the booking codes to offer the travel agencies access to the information required for them. Galileo can provide access to its terminal.

A Final Takeaway

Both Galileo and Amadeus GDS API integration offers a different set of advantages. They have some similarities and some differences. It is impossible to identify which one is the best. Each business is different from the rest, in its nature, mission, and vision. GDS API should be determined on the basis of the nature, requirements, and priority of a particular business. Therefore, before choosing between Galileo and Amadeus GDS API solution, it is important to understand the requirements of the business and the target audience as well. Also, read how to identify the best travel portal development company in India?

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